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Since last lot many years human social services for the real rejected and un sheltered senior citizens who have no one  to give  humanitarian affection and love are being sheltered as a family members .They are being given  worm welcome and are being given affection and love as human through a JIVAN DHARA VRIDHA ASHRAM .In addition who have been avoided by their  kids and loved one in society are being well come with all services which one human need to live peacefully. We became part of their family rather we absorb them as our family members to extend our services to make their life joyful.

The JIVAN DHARA VRADH ASHRAM is situated in the center of the village LAMBA INDIRA Nagar Part II where at present total 30 [Thirty] senior citizen who are in real need of love and affection in  their old age are availing the best services and are enjoying the infrastructures available now at the site viz Prayr Room, Upashraya, Home Derasar, Beautiful garden, library and medical center .We have devoted our life for this humanitarian services with no expectation but sure to expect to have your valued assistance by valued guidance and suggestion to make our service better for large nos of such isolated and ignored needy people from the society.

The serious impact o f western modern systems on Indian culture has resulted in to division of family .People of India have blindly adopted the system of individual family concept and the followers are increasing day by day.The only aulternate left out for the ignored and rejected senior citizens are the Vradhashram only. The services of loading boarding medical  treatment  by recovering token charges  up to the last crematorium services are well being provided by  Jivandhara vridhashram and is well known for their services .
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